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Make a Payment

Make sure you have your Merchant Configured with:
Payment Processor configured and an API Key in the header

Make 1 API call
Use API: {{Api Root}}/api/payments/sale

For the {{Api Root}} variable:





This is a POST request with a sample payload below. This call is also in the API docs. Additional calls around payments can also be found in the docs.

    "NetworkProcessing": {
        "processingType": "initialInstallment", //initialRecurring, initialInstallment , installment, recurring
        "originalNetworkTransactionId": null
    "CustomerId": null, //optional add a customer ID - otherwise no customer is created
    "PaymentMethod": {
        "BillingAddress": {
            "AddressLine1": "381 Forest Ave. Suite C",
            "City": "Laguna Beach",
            "State": "CA",
            "PostalCode": "92651",
            "Country": "USA"
        "BillingFirstName": "Joe",
        "BillingLastName": "Smith",
        "CreditCard": {
            "PaymentAccountNumber": "4444333322221111",
            "ExpirationDate": "0330",
            "SecurityCode": "737"
    "Invoice": {
        "MerchantInvoiceRefId": "ABC309500654810",
        "Amount": {
            "value": 1.03

The response from this would be

    "customerId": null,
    "invoiceId": 185317,
    "merchantInvoiceRefId": "ABC309500654810",
    "merchantPaymentMethodRefId": null,
    "networkTransactionId": "538302743384089",
    "invoiceStatus": "Paid",
    "invoiceAttemptStatus": "Success",
    "message": "Approved",
    "amount": {
        "currency": "USD",
        "value": 1.03
    "paymentMethodId": 6061,
    "paymentMethodTypeId": 1