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Billing Address

There are many options for the Billing Address of the PaymentMethod. This can vary based on your agreements and processor relationships. This document is just describing our validation rules which Revolv3 API accepts:

  • AddressLine1, City and State
  • AddressLine1 and Postal Code
  • State and Postal Code
  • or AddressID
	"PaymentMethod": {
		"BillingAddress": {
                    "AddressLine1": "381 Forest Ave",
                    "City": "Laguna Beach",
                    "State": "CA",
                    "PostalCode": "92651",
                    "Country": "USA"
		"BillingFirstName": "Robert",
		"BillingLastName": "Podlesni",
            "PaymentAccountNumber": "4111111111111111",
            "ExpirationDate": "0330",
            "SecurityCode": "737"

Error message if not correct

            "errorMessage": "Neither an Address ID nor a required set of Address details (Line, City and State or City and Postal Code or State and Postal Code) were provided. Please supply one or the other."

Additional Notes

  • Country field should use Alpha2 or Alpha3 abbreviations
  • https://www.iban.com/country-codes
  • Postal code for USA should be 5 characters - International up to 10 characters
  • For many countries State is not required

Sample Billing address for United Kingdom

		"BillingAddress": {
                    "AddressLine1": "49 Featherstone Street",
                    "City": "London",
                    "PostalCode": "EC1Y 8SY",
                    "Country": "GB"