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Authorization, Captures and Reversals


To create an authorization use the API call Authorize Payment Method . In this response you will get an PaymentMethodAuthorizationId. You can then use this ID for the capture or a reversal


For a Capture (charge the customer after authorization) , use either the One Time Payment API or Subscription API call and use the PaymentMethodAuthorizationId instead of PaymentMethod

{Api Root}}/api/Customers/{{Customer Id}}/subscriptions

	"MerchantSubscriptionRefId": "1234-5678-9101",
	"BillingFrequencyType": "Monthly",
  "PaymentMethodAuthorizationId": 1234,
	"SubscriptionBillingPlans": [
			"Name": "Billing Plan 1",
			"Value": 10.99,
			"CycleCount": -1,
			"ValueType": "Standard",
			"StartCycleDelay": 0

Authorization Reversal

To do a Reversal of an authorization use the API call Reverse Authorization use the PaymentMethodAuthorizationId from the previous API call

{{Api Root}}/api/PaymentMethod/reverse-auth

	"PaymentMethodAuthorizationId": 1234