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Hosted page

A hosted page is an option where your customers click a button on your website and are redirected to a payment page hosted by Revolv3's website. The customer then makes the payment, once finished they can click the "Go Back To Site" button to return to the merchant's website.

1. Prerequisites

Before you begin, make sure you have met the following prerequisites:

  • You have an account on the Revolv3 portal with merchant and with one or more configured processors
  • You already have a generated developer API key
  • You have added your website's hostnames to the Trusted Checkout Hostnames (Merchant Settings -> Integration Profile).

2. Creating a checkout link

If you have fulfilled all the prerequisites, you can now start creating a link to which you will redirect the customer.


Origin HTTP header

To ensure that requests are sent from an authorized merchant's API, make sure the HTTP request includes the Origin HTTP header.

❗If it is missing, you will get a 400 HTTP error.

To create a link you need to send a request to the following endpoint:

POST {{Api Root}}/api/Checkout


Api Root

The API Root can be the URL of our Production (https://api.revolv3.com) or Sandbox (https://api-sandbox.revolv3.com) environment.

Sample payload (more information about the endpoint here -> Create Checkout Link Endpoint)

  "ReturnUrl": "https%3A%2F%2Fmysite.com",
  "OneTimePayment": {
    "CheckoutLineItems": [
        "Name": "Item 1",
        "Description": "Description",
        "Value": 9.99
        "Name": "Item 2",
        "Description": "Description",
        "Value": 21.99


Set the ReturnUrl parameter

For the hosted page option, we advise filling in the ReturnUrl parameter in the request so that the customer can return to your website after completing the payment.

❗The hostname in this URL should also be added to the Trusted Checkout Hostnames (Merchant Settings -> Integration Profile).

❗The URL must be encoded once as in the example request.

The response will have the following structure:

    "checkoutId": "0584773e-47bf-4822-91de-06acb5de9358",
    "checkoutLink": "https://some-revolv3-url.com/checkout/0584773e-47bf-4822-91de-06acb5de9358"

Now you have a link to the payment page, you can redirect the customer to it and wait for the payment to be completed.

You can get all the checkout information at any time using this endpoint -> Get Complete Checkout Information

3. Referrer-Policy HTTP header


Referrer-Policy HTTP header

So that we can ensure that the customer was redirected from an authorized merchant's webpage, add a Referrer-Policy header with the origin value to the HTTP request or directly into the HTML.

To put the header into an HTML page, add the following meta tag

<meta name="referrer" content="origin" />