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Invoice Line Items / Subscription Plans

Variables for Invoice Line items and Subscriptions plans

API calls that include Invoice Line items and Subscription Plans require certain fields which are described below

Name - What will show up on the invoice
Description - Description of line item
Value - Amount in USD
ValueType (Required) - Standard, Discount, DiscountPercentage, FinalDiscount, PriceOverride
TaxCode -
CycleCount - How many times to bill (-1 = no end date)
StartCycleDelay - Delay in units of time

CycleCount and StartCycleDelay unit of time is set by another variable "BillingFrequencyType": "Quarterly" (Can be Monthly, Yearly or Daily as well)

	"InvoiceLineItems": [
			"InvoiceLineItemId": 0,
			"Name": "One Time Charge",
			"Description": "Value for 600.00 dollars",
			"Value": 600.00,
			"ValueType": "Standard",
			"TaxCode": null

	"BillingFrequencyType": "Quarterly",   
	"SubscriptionBillingPlans": [
            "Name": "Billing Plan 1",
            "Value": 10.99,
            "CycleCount": -1,
            "ValueType": "Standard",
            "StartCycleDelay": 0
            "Name": "Billing Plan 2",
            "Value": 14.99,
            "CycleCount": 12,
            "ValueType": "Standard",
            "StartCycleDelay": 1