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Error Responses

For failed Invoice or Subscription requests, you'll get a 400 or 422 for invalid data or 200 with a failed status. We pass along an error message on a 200 failed status, but depending on the processor it can be different and the processors could change the message format. This is why we don't have standard error codes.

For incorrect data formatting - you will get an array of errors like below. The following example is for a bad expiration date format with a http response of 400

    "message": "One or more validation failed.",
    "fluentValidatorErrors": [
            "propertyName": "OneTimePaymentWithoutSubscriptionRequest.PaymentMethod",
            "errorMessage": "Expiration date needs to be in either one of the following format:  MMYY, MMYYYY, MM/YY, and MM/YYYY.",
            "attemptedValue": null,
            "customState": null,
            "severity": 0,
            "errorCode": null,
            "formattedMessagePlaceholderValues": null

For a failure from the processor you will get a 200 response with a failed status and a message.

    "customerId": 5198,
    "invoiceId": 178838,
    "merchantInvoiceRefId": "",
    "invoiceStatus": "Noncollectable",
    "invoiceAttemptStatus": "Fail",
    "message": "Do Not Honor",
    "subtotal": 10.0,
    "taxAmount": 0.0,
    "total": 10.0,
    "paymentMethodId": 5915