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Subscription Status and Recylcing

After a subscription is created it will have one of the following status'

  • Current - active subscription
  • Cancelled - a subscription is cancelled, which means it won’t be billed again
  • Pending Cancellation - a subscription is cancelled, but a cancellation type is end of cycle. And the billing hasn’t been processed yet in this period

For details of a cancelation, check the status of the last invoice. It's possible a invoice will be recycled and later activate the subscription.

Retry is immediate on different processors. Recycling is a full retry on a schedule.

If multiple payment methods are enabled Revolv3 will try additional cards after a failed soft decline

If a Card has a soft decline - Revovl3 will retry the same card or cards based based on the default or custom Recycle Strategy. The Default is:

The system makes up to 15 attempts to process a failed invoice, paid by debit/credit cards, if it doesn't get hard decline. One-time payments and invoices paid by ACH are not subject to recycling. The recycle strategy uses the rules configured in the recurring strategies.