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Update a subscription (specified with Subscription ID) with a status code of 200 (OK).

This action currently accepts any number of the following fields: Merchant Subscription Ref ID, billing frequency type ID, subscription status ID, and next bill date.

Only fields present in the request will be updated.

Upon success, this operation returns a status of 200 (OK).

If an invalid field or value is submitted, a status of 400 (Bad Request) will be returned.

If the Subscription ID cannot be associated with an active subscription, a status code of 404 will be returned.

Optional Fields
NameDescriptionDefault value
MerchantSubscriptionRefIdMerchant's unique identifier for the subscription
BillingFrequencyTypeHow often the subscription should be attempted for billing
SubscriptionStatusTypeThe subscription's current standing (e.g. Current, Recycle, Cancelled, PendingCancellation)
SubscriptionCancelTypeThe circumstances under which a subscription must be cancelled (e.g. Immediate or EndOfCycle)
NextBillDateThe subscription's next date of billing attempt
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