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Append an address for a given Customer ID.

An address type (e.g. Shipping, Billing, etc.) must be provided.

Upon success, the operation will return the updated Customer object.

If a duplicate address/address type combination is supplied, a status of 400 (Bad Request) will be returned.

If no existing customer with the provided Customer ID is found, a status of 404 (Not Found) will be returned.

An address type (e.g. Shipping, Billing, Tax) must be provided. A required set of Address details: AddressLine1, City and State or AddressLine1 and PostalCode or State and PostalCode.

Required Fields
AddressTypeUsage type of the address (e.g. shipping, billing or tax)
Optional Fields
NameDescriptionDefault value
AddressLine1Address Line 1null
AddressLine2Addresss's supplemental informationnull
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