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Search for invoices matching the following possible optional criteria: Merchant Customer Ref ID, Merchant Invoice Ref ID, start date, and end date.

Given a start/end date, the invoices' billing date field will be compared to the provided date filter.

The Page query parameter represents the page number that could be used to navigate through the dataset. It starts from page 1, and subsequent pages are numbered accordingly. Default value is 1.

The PageSize query parameter determines the number of records to be displayed on a single page. It could be used to specify how many entries you want to retrieve per page. Default value is 100. Max value is ___.

Date filter query parameters should be entered in the form of 'YYYY-MM-dd' Upon finding matching results, the operation will return a status of 200 (OK).

If an invalid value is provided for the start or end date query parameter, a status code of 400 (Bad Request) will be returned instead.

If the provided Customer ID does not exist, a status code of 404 (Not Found) will be returned.

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