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The purpose of this service is to provide merchants with a streamlined and secure method to verify their customers' ACH (Automated Clearing House) accounts.

Upon success, this operation returns a status of 200 (OK).

If an invalid field or value is submitted, a status of 400 (Bad Request) will be returned.

If the account number is not approved, a status code of 400 will be returned with error code and message.

Required Fields
AddressAddress at which the customer should be billed. A required set of Address details: AddressLine1, City and State or AddressLine1 and PostalCode or State and PostalCode
AchObject structure according to the ach payment method type: routingNumber, accountNumber, accountType
CompanyNameCompany Name
Optional Fields
NameDescriptionDefault value
FirstNameCustomer's first name
LastNameCustomer's last name
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