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Create a URL for a checkout page to accept payments.

This URL can be seamlessly integrated into your payment flow, embedded into your payment page, or used to direct customers to a hosted payment page. The link will be deactivated once the customer opens the checkout page.

The required arguments for this endpoint are checkout line items. Optionally, you can provide a return URL to redirect the customer to a specific webpage after the payment is completed.

Description of request parameters


If you want the last screen with payment results to have a "Go Back To Site" button leading to your site, you need to specify the URL here.

Validation rules:
  • The URL must be encoded once. For example: `https://mysite.com` - in request shoulb be `https%3A%2F%2Fmysite.com`.
  • The hostname in this URL must have been added to the allowed checkout hosts in the Revolv3 Portal.


Data for a checkout with one-time payment.

No validation rules


Individual elements of one-time payment billing.

Validation rules:
  • Must contain at least one plan with standard type.
  • Should contain no more than 1 plan with price override type.
  • The total amount, considering the types of billing plans, must not be less than zero.


Name of the line item.

Validation rules:
  • Maximum length 100 characters.


Item description.

Validation rules:
  • Maximum length 200 characters.


The value of line item.

Validation rules:
  • Must be greater than or equal to 0.
  • In case the valueType is DiscountPercentage, the length must be between 0 and 100 characters.

Optional. Default value: Standard.

A qualifier for how the value should be interpreted.

Validation rules:
  • Possible values: Standard, Discount, DiscountPercentage, FinalDiscount, PriceOverride.

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