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Release 1.12.7

API Reference Guide Updates

The new endpoints for the checkout are available* Create Checkout Link Create a URL for a checkout page to accept payments.This URL can be seamlessly integrated into your payment flow, embedded into your payment page, or used to direct customers to a hosted payment page. The link will be deactivated once the customer opens the checkout page.
* Get Complete Checkout Information endpoint allows to retrieve complete checkout information, merchants can use our API to access detailed data about each transaction. This includes customer details, payment method information, transaction status, and any error messages if the payment fails.
Email is optionalThe email associated with a billing address is now optional for processing transactions through Nuvei processor

Documentation Portal Updates

The new guide for the checkout are availableTo assist merchants with the integration process, we have introduced the Checkout Guide . This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to integrate with either the hosted checkout page or the embedded payment page. It covers all aspects of the integration, from initial setup and configuration to customizing the payment form and handling responses.

Core Functionality Updates

Checkout featureThe Checkout feature provides the ability to use our page with a form to collect payments. Merchants can embed Checkout directly into their websites or redirect customers to a Revolv3 hosted checkout page. This feature ensures a seamless payment experience by securely handling customer payment information, supporting various payment methods, and complying with PCI DSS standards.