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Release 1.12.0

API Reference Guide Updates

New Payments API end points Newly implemented endpoints will allow merchants to send additional optional parameters that will identify whether a payment is one-time, recurring, or an installment (initial or subsequent). This will enable linking transactions at a processor/card scheme level. The following transaction types are introduced:
* Sale with raw payment method data
* Sale with payment method ID
* Payment method authorization with raw payment method data
* Payment method authorization with payment method ID
* Capture of previously authorized amount

Note: Currently, linking transactions on a processor/card scheme level is implemented for Adyen and Worldpay processors.
One-time payment without subscriptionThe specification of One-time payment without a subscription was updated with detailed information about parameter validations that will make integration processes smoother

Core functionality updates

Proportion routing rule enhancementsTransactions will be routed more effectively to distribute transaction volume between processors in line with the merchant's desired proportion rule.